PABX is one of the world’s best means of communication between companies and some of them the company has the companies and companies of the high level of the service and the development of its organs, which are networks that are extended, installed and programmed to make contact between employees within the same company or in multiple branches whether within or outside the state.
PABX Features:-

Divert calls from the company’s main phone to employees ‘ sub-phones as well as employees can divert calls to each other as well as divert calls to the main phone itself.
Doors can be opened by PABX just like the intercom.
Great auto Call feature and is programmed on major conversions
Anti-disturbance features the PABX enables you to activate the anti-disturbance feature. This feature is useful for employees or managers of the company in case of a meeting of employees or with important customers.
Reservation of busy calls whether internal or external lines
The storage of numbers can be by PABX storing internal or external numbers to call them in time for communication.
The reconnect feature allows PABX to reconnect in order to make effort on the staff and increase the speed of communication
Important tips before making a purchase decision for the centerpieces:
First, precise identification of the number of necessary lines and the number of staff offices that will connect and program the central to them this way can determine the number of internal and external lines as well as determine the quality of the central for installation and programming.
Second, if you are not sure the number of lines necessary for the construction, it is possible to buy a scalable central to ensure the possibility of increasing the number of lines, whether external or internal that are receiving the additional PABX cards that are installed in the central but if the company has a specified number From the staff there is no need to increase the company’s costs to purchase a scalable central.
The company is an authorized agent for GULFSIP Company