Security Systems

Aman Company for security systems and networks provides all the solutions of surveillance systems whether they are for companies, factories, governmental or individual institutions. In the first place to know the control systems and their components and their importance and properties to suit all the needs of the client so that the observation site ideally covers the surveillance cameras are multiple of CCTV cameras
HD surveillance cameras are high-resolution cameras that feature the above type as the highest resolution and have a lot of other features under it.
Network CAMERAS Surveillance cameras are high-quality surveillance cameras that use networked technology to communicate with each other and have a lot of advantages
There is also a rating of surveillance cameras, including stationary and mobile surveillance cameras, where the three basic classifications of CCTV, HD and IP include fixed and mobile camera ratings.
Surveillance cameras can also be categorized in terms of category where CCTV cameras are divided into internal cameras, external cameras, and PTZ (high-zoom) cameras, of which, among them, HD and IP
It also classifies the cameras of the mega pixel or its precision measurement unit, and the measurement units for the accuracy of the cameras vary depending on where the accuracy measurement unit is calculated for CCTV in the TVLine unit as for HD and IP, the Precision Measurement Unit is calculated in Mega pixel Migapixel where Starts from 1 mega up.
Now that we’re done with the first part of explaining the surveillance cameras, let’s move on to part two.
This part is based on a particular type of device called DVR recording devices and this device is the device responsible for recording the video taken by the cameras and various types to fit the different types of cameras mentioned earlier
Let’s count the DVR recording devices according to some of the istandard.
DVR devices are divided into CCTV DVR and this course fits CCTV cameras CAMERAS
Type II HD DVR that fits perfectly CAMERAS HD surveillance cameras
Type III NVR this is called a network recording device and fits perfectly IP CAMERAS
The characteristics of the recording devices and the more these characteristics of their capabilities to the highest whenever the value of the recording device DVR
These features include the number of input channels in the recording device, including 4 channels, including 8 channels, including 16 channels, 32 channels, 64 and 128 channels.
It also has the ability to record data with Terra and the number of hard disk installation entries and its classification whether CCTV DVR or HD DVR or NVR and exceed many other characteristics.
The appropriate cameras and recording devices are determined by the company’s rationing to fit the implementing project by calculating the monthly, semi-annual or annual registration capacity and setting the appropriate specifications for any of them, as well as the accuracy of recording the cameras and the capacity of the recording device and the capabilities of the system Registration is suitable for the type of camera or not in terms of its type and accuracy of registration.
The company agents for Dahua – B-tech-flire-TVT – univew – for surveillance systems.