Fingerprint devices

The entry and exit dates of the employees are one of the most important elements and criteria is the process related to the organization of the and to the old company used the book process in the log in and exit of staff and this method has many disadvantages, including:-

Inaccurate log-in time
Inaccurate Log off time
Easy to manipulate the dates of entry and exit by the employee responsible for registration or by the employees of the company
High cost of Office tools required for registration
Hiring an employee to log in and out of what increases the costs of the company’s wages
Create an unregulated and random atmosphere within your organization or company
Staff Login and exit
Lately companies are starting to turn to modern technology in where they seemed to be a great experience for those companies to benefit those companies administratively and financially
Upgraded versions of attendance and departure devices
Industrial technology companies such as Zkteco have been interested in producing high potential to meet the needs of the market of these devices and to meet and satisfy the needs of large companies that depend on the human component significantly and started to manufacture and develop
Large storage devices with high speed to meet these needs.
One of the most important features of attendance and exit devices is the accuracy of log in and out
Forcing employees to comply with official working hours
The impossibility of manipulation by employees with fingerprint devices
Reduce excess costs on the company as Office Tools
Organize employees ‘ performance and increase productivity
Selection of discount slices on delayed employees as well as slides for employee increase (over time)
Possibility of registering a large number of employees
Access by fingerprint or smart card or by the serial numberfrom here lies the importance of the use of company heads and institutions to attend and depart the company agents for Zkteco..